6 Tips For Choosing an Online File Storage Service

1. Check the adequacy of encrypted work or to travel long distances – you can not be too sure that the integrity of the network you use. Furthermore, it should choose the data backup service, use strong data encryption protocol, and the same time, the supplier server, which can ensure that your data remains secure and no one, but you must visit.

2. Archiving – This is not just enough through the Internet to upload important files to your remote server. Download the corrupted files, or if a clear business documents changes, you may need to access files or previous versions. Requests to provide services can be stored in the same file multiple versions, so you can restore the previous date.

3. Recognizing resistance – with suppliers in your decision to test their ability to recover, because they can provide a variety of different. It is important to do before a disaster happens, you are destined to wait for time to compile your backup and recovery.

4. Offline backup – if you travel with your laptop frequently, and often subject to an internet connection can not be relied on, select a backup service that allows you to create documents and files on the hard disk of the local version. Should be supported Internet connections automatically, once detected version.

5. Incremental backup – at the time and bandwidth will be a backup that is often used to worry?Many online file storage provider after the first initial of a file or files backup incremental backups, which means, only to change or modify parts of the file will be supported. This can save time and bandwidth usage, while ensuring that your files are safely backed up.

6. Continuous data protection, even if there is a daily backup schedule – in theory could still be a 24-hour loss of valuable data, in an emergency or disaster. In order to reduce these losses to online file storage service performance, to provide continuous data protection for file upload documents and changes, as soon as they save the risk.

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