Do not Despair, That Goodness Is Still Always There

Life is not easy, we certainly understand this very well. Lately everything becomes more difficult, even to just meet the basic needs we have to fight furiously.

The price is expensive, the work is difficult to get, or even the various problems that occur in the midst of our family so far also feels so tiring. Then, should we take various easy actions to overcome them?

The Story of a Young Widow
This story takes place in Kansas, USA. A young widow who has six children is experiencing severe financial problems.

He can no longer meet the needs of his children, even to give them just the right food he can not afford. The burden of his life as a single parent is so heavy, after the death of her husband some time ago, he had to support 6 children aged between 2.5 to 15 years.

Sarah Robinson, that's the woman's name. One day he came to a big supermarket in his town, hoping he could find the needs of his children there. He had no money, and he took some things there without paying for it.

Miris indeed, considering the six children desperately need food and other items such as diapers and warm clothing. Meanwhile, he himself did not have the money to buy all these needs. As expected, the store clerk caught his action and immediately reported it to the local police.

Fear will be put in prison and also worried about the condition of his children, making this woman can not hold back his tears.

His actions are clearly wrong and he admits with great regret. Sarah became even more frightened when Mark Engravelle, who was on duty at the Kansas police, came and would take her case. The shadow of the handcuffs and the prison became clearer in his eyes.

But it was not as expected, because the wise police only interrogated without handcuffing Sarah's hands.

He then drove the woman back to her "home" which was just a car, because after the death of her husband she had to lose her home and was forced to stay in the car with her children.

Mark felt very sad and sad to see the sad condition of Sarah's children, even they did not have shoes and were just barefoot.

The police took Sarah and her children back to the supermarket, and bought them some shoes and some food they needed.

He also bought some things that Sarah had been going to steal some time ago, so that she could meet the needs of her children for some time to come.

Sarah had realized her mistake and she was sorry for what she had done. This woman also thanks Mark who has been so kind and willing to help him, even though he has made mistakes before.

Then, Mark brought them back and this story was later discovered by many in the area.

The police station where Mark worked received a lot of calls from the surrounding community, they wanted to help Sarah and make her life and her children more decent. A lot of help came after the incident and Sarah was very grateful for all that.

Like Sarah Robinson's life story is so heavy, we may also have a number of problems and trials in this life. Do not despair and give up easily, because there is still good that will always come in our lives

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