Benefits of Green Betel Leaves and Red Betel Leaves for Beauty

Who doesn't know betel leaf? On this occasion we will provide information about the efficacy of betel leaves for the face. Some of you may already know the various benefits of betel leaf for health, especially for women. But did you know that betel leaf is also very good for maintaining and treating facial beauty? In betel leaves there are various ingredients such as antioxidants and flavonoids which are very good for the skin, and accelerate the removal of dead skin cells, so that facial skin looks brighter and clear of acne scars or black stains.
Why Choose Betel Leaves?
There are many natural ingredients that can be beneficial for beauty treatments, but why choose betel leaves? Besides being able to help treat the cleanliness of facial skin, betel leaves are also efficacious for removing zits without using chemical drugs, especially the efficacy of red betel leaves for the face, which in addition to being very effective in removing acne can also remove acne scars. In addition there is also a natural antiseptic content, so anticipate inflammation and irritation due to acne. To apply it quite easily, namely by boiling betel leaves about 10 sheets with 1 liter of water mixed with a little salt. After boiling, remove and allow to cool. You can use this betel leaf boiled water to wash your face every night.
Not only are red betel leaves rich in benefits, green betel leaves are also good for maintaining facial skin beauty. The efficacy of green betel leaves for the face of them is to smooth the skin of the face. Where in this betel leaf there are several ingredients that can accelerate the regeneration of dead skin cells. So that the skin is smoother and brighter. The way to apply it is very easy, namely by mashing the betel leaves until smooth, and mixing them with honey, after that you can use it as a natural mask. And to get maximum results, use this mask regularly 2-3 times a week.
The efficacy of betel leaves for other facial acne is to help overcome oily skin. As we know, oily skin is one of the causes of acne on the face because oily skin contains a lot of fat and it is easier to stick to dirt and dust, so the skin is more prone to acne. And by overcoming oily skin will certainly reduce acne on your face. To get oil-free skin, the method is quite easy, namely by using a decoction of betel leaf water that has been mixed with salt to wash your face, especially at bedtime.
In addition to acne and dull skin, blackheads also greatly interfere with the appearance of the face. although you have done various ways, but often blackheads remain lodged in your face. Now you can use betel leaves to clean your facial skin from blackheads. To get the efficacy of betel leaf for this blackheads facial skin you can use the betel leaf stew water. But before use, chill the betel leaf stew water in the fridge. After cold, wash it to all areas of the face, especially blackheads, and clean with the help of cotton or tissue.
Thus some of the properties of betel leaves for the face. This betel leaf is prone to you who have sensitive skin, so you should check the condition of your skin before using this treatment. And immediately stop using if it feels hot and starts to appear redness on your facial skin.
Description: The efficacy of betel leaves for the face is very diverse in addition to smoothing the skin, it can also eliminate acne and eliminate acne scars if done routinely.

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