Complete Guide to Modern Cattle to Benefit

Modern cattle are one of the endless businesses, especially for beef cattle, considering that the people's need for beef always increases along with the increasing rate of population growth in Indonesia. And in terms of economy, the cattle business is also very profitable, where in addition to producing meat, cattle can also be processed into skin, bones and feces as manure. But even so, cattle can not be underestimated, besides requiring accuracy, you are also required to be patient in carrying it out. This is none other than a lot of things that must be considered, especially the impact on environmental conditions.
Why Choose Modern Cattle?
The high price of meat and the increasing market demand for beef are not matched by active participation by cattle farmers, so that the scarcity of meat is inevitable. In fact, for the cattle business in Indonesia it is really very potential, in addition to unlimited resources, the quality of existing feed is not inferior to imported feed, besides this modern cattle business is also not complicated, besides everything is available, maintenance time is also relatively short and able to increase farmers' income regularly. For this reason, cattle are very necessary to be encouraged and supported by good management.
Principles and Ways of Modern Cattle
The most beneficial way to raise modern cattle is fattening. But before this was done, there were a number of things that needed to be considered, which included the selection of the types of cattle raised. The selection of this type of cow is very important to maximize and focus on cattle care. In addition to the types of cattle, the selection of calves or prospective cows to be farmed is also very important, going to have to be truly high quality and healthy to ensure success and reduce the risk of failure such as disease or death of livestock.
After we choose the type of cow and it will be maintained, the next step of modern cattle is care. In this stage of treatment there are several things that need to be done. The first meets the ideal requirements of the cage. To maximize the results of maintenance, the selection of individual cages is emphasized with the ideal size of 2.5 x 1.5 meters to spur the growth of cattle more rapidly and avoid competition for feed.
To increase the success of raising cattle, feeding is one of the most decisive factors. To speed up the process of fattening cattle, the type of feed must be combined. In addition to providing forage feed as the main feed, you also need to provide concentrated feed such as bagasse, tofu pulp, rice bran, soybean peel or concentrated manufactured manufacturers. This feed concentrate is better given before giving green feed to improve the digestive system in cattle.
And the last principle of cattle is to maintain animal health, because the condition of healthy animals will provide optimal benefits. The ways that can be done to maintain the health of cows include utilizing quarantine cages or individual cages, maintaining clean cows and cages, and giving vaccines, especially Anthrax vaccines to prevent various diseases. After knowing the principles and complete guidelines for modern cattle, can you still hesitate to start a cattle business? For fattening, the most emphasized is food, good maintenance management, and your personal tenacity. Thus the article that we can convey, hopefully can inspire.
Description: Modern cattle are generally applied to minimize maintenance time and optimize profits.

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