The Paradise of Natural Attractions in Bandung Which is Missed

Have you chosen a tourist spot for your weekend getaway? no need to go far, because Indonesia is already rich in natural tourism. From beaches, mountains, national parks, waterfalls, lakes and others as they spread in Indonesia. And for those of you who want to spend time off with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere, Bandung has a tourist destination that can spoil your eyes. As we know, Bandung is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia that offers a variety of the best tourism options, both family tours, shopping tours to the beautiful natural attractions.
The Most Beautiful Nature Attractions in Bandung
The city of Bandung is famous for its up and down landscape consisting of mountains, hills and very beautiful valleys. There are even some favorite spots where we can see the beautiful city of Bandung at night. Some natural tourist attractions that you can make your tourist destination include:
1. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
Going to Bandung must remember Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. This natural tourist attraction is the most popular natural tourist attraction in Bandung, located in Lembang, 20 KM north of Bandung at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, making this area quite cold with a view of the beautiful mountain crater. If you go to Bandung, surely it will not be complete without going to Mount Tangkuban Perahu, because this tourist attraction is one of the icons of Bandung city. Not only the mountain scenery, in this city you also have interesting areas such as the queen crater, upas crater, domas crater and jurig crater that are very good for capturing your holiday.
2. White Crater
Ciwidey White Crater is one of the most favorite natural tourist attractions in Bandung. The color of the crater with sandy colored soil, the former ancient Sundanese volcanic eruption has its own charm with its very exotic and unique natural panorama. Besides being a family tourist destination, this natural attraction is also a destination for photographer lovers. For those of you who want to spend more time in Kawah Putih, there are also lodging facilities in the form of cottages or cottages still in the Kawah Putih area of ​​Ciwidey.
3. Situ Patenggang Lake
In addition to offering a variety of mountain tourism, Lembang also has a variety of unspoiled water tourism destinations, one of which is Situ Patenggang Lake, better known as Patenggan Situ. For those of you who like fishing activities Patenggan Situ area is a paradise. Located 1600 meters above sea level, the atmosphere in this area is very cool and beautiful with a view of a stretch of tea garden that stretches beautifully with a splash of sunlight that warms the body. Not only that, you can also choose this area to take a vacation with family, friends or friends with a variety of popular activities such as going around the lake with a swan boat, going around the tea garden, going around Asmara Island, visiting Batu Cinta to picnic or camping with friends or family.
4. Ciater Hot Springs
Having active Mount Merapi, Bandung is also famous for its hot spring baths. One of the most popular is the Ciater hot spring. The tourists who vacation in Bandung in general do not miss the time to soak in natural hot water that comes from the mountain crater of Tangkuban Perahu. Besides being able to calm the mind and reduce depression, Ciater's hot water is also believed to contain various health benefits, not only that some people even believe that by soaking in hot water can cure various diseases to make the face more beautiful and handsome. No wonder the area is very crowded, especially during the holiday season because of its strategic location.
5. Maribaya Waterfall
Still in the North Bandung area, a waterfall tour that is no less beautiful is presented. Located around 5 KM from the East of Lembang, Maribaya Waterfall is one of the most popular natural attractions in Bandung. To get to this tourist spot the access is very easy, you can use private vehicles or public transportation. Maribaya Waterfall is still very natural with a very shady backdrop of trees which soothes the eyes that look at it. Besides offering a beautiful view of the waterfall, you can also do various activities in this area, such as local cuisine, tracking in the Djuanda highway forest park, and you can also take a dip in the hot Maribaya garden which is believed to cure various diseases.

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