Stop Using Your Skincare If You Experience These 7 Things!

 The use of skincare aims to make facial skin clean and healthy. But, finding the right skincare takes time. Not all skincare products give the same results for everyone. For example, if a product your friend uses makes her face smoother but it actually causes pimples on your face,

that means the product is not suitable. Then, what are the signs of the skincare product that you are using is not suitable? Check out the explanation below!Redness that occurs on the face usually occurs due to preservatives, fragrances, and acrylic acid in cosmetics. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience this, well, Bela. Because if left for too long, this can lead to allergies that will be more difficult to cure.

The fragrances contained in the skincare products that you use can also make your facial skin dry so it feels itchy. Choose products that have a fragrance-free label that is safer to use, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin.

This is the thing that most often happens if you use unsuitable products. If you have acne in some parts but it gets better in a while, this means you have purging. This is a good sign because it means that your skin is doing a detox which will make your face cleaner. But if you experience more and more pimples that don't go away, stop using your skincare immediately. This means you experience a breakout and the products you are using are not suitable for your facial skin.

Good skincare products that are suitable for facial skin are not supposed to make facial skin feel tight and interested. This usually happens if the soap you use is not suitable. When the face feels tight and pulled, the skin feels dry and the pores appear bigger. To fix this, replace it with a soap that has a balanced pH.

This sign is usually caused by using an unsuitable face cream. Wash your face again immediately if you experience a burning sensation that feels hot.

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